When it comes to Energy,

Essential Energy Technologies provides commercial and industrial clients with the opportunity to reduce operating costs and add more dollars to the bottom line for shareholders and business owners.

We are engineers working directly with the manufacturer and offering a bespoke design service, which allows us to offer full warranty service ( 3 to 5 years) in Australia at manufacturer’s prices.

What makes us different?

  • We design to client specifications

  • We work directly with the manufacturer (no middlemen!)

  • We provide commercial grade, durable products at manufacturer’s price


Reduce Operating Costs and Increase Profits

Essential Energy Technologies is an engineering business focused on delivering operational cost savings for its clients, through identification and implementation of energy savings measures.

We are specialists in LED lighting for commercial and industrial clients, recognising that LED lighting is the most cost effective upgrade for many of our clients. From day one, you are in good hands.


We focus on six key areas:

i.     Reducing Labour  and  installation duplication

ii.    Reducing Energy Consumption

iii.   Improving Lighting Levels

iv.   Resolving Occupational Health & Safety Issues

v.    Increasing Retail Sales

vi.   Seamless cashflow-neutral implementation for qualifying clients.

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Call us on (03) 8588 1114 to find out how an energy audit can help your company lower operating costs and increase retail sales!