New Products for the Australian Market

Time waits for no one, and when it comes to technology, the fast pace means lower prices, better performance, and reliability.

We are adding to our products a new range of LED light products designed to last longer ( some come with a 5 year warranty!) and to provide additional benefits.

The benefits include driver-less LED industrial lighting, reduced EMI,  ‘flicker free’ lighting to improve the well-being of staff ( reduce headaches associated with flicker and ill effects of EMI), and a range of specialised LED lighting products for agriculture and animal husbandry ( Pig, Poultry, and Dairy).

Linear Driver, EMI and Flicker Free LED Lights

We use a linear driver which generates no EMI and no invisible flicker. Invisible flicker causes headaches, sleeping disorders and concentration problems in people as well as in some animals. Highly suitable for  schools and offices where people are exposed to flickering light during many hours of the day. The EMI free lights are also important for e.g computer centers, banks etc where EMI is unacceptable for other electrical installations or near data sensitive equipment.

AgLights for Animal Husbandry

Special LED lighting can  increase the performance of Dairy, Beef, Pig and Poultry, resulting in higher growth rates and reduction of inputs such as energy and protein.

Driver-less Technologies

We provide  driver-less LED lights and industrial lighting such as  High Bays and Flood Lights, to reduce weight and costs, and benefit from increased  longevity.

Emergency Tunnel and Mining Lighting

We now provide a light for tunnel construction and the mining industry. This is an intelligent light, which  “understands’ why there is a power outage and only remains lit if unplanned.

The life expectancy of the batteries can be up to 10 years, no extra cables are needed for the light-a 3-core cable is used for all lights in long rows containing desired number of emergency lights that will stay lit under unplanned lack of power.

The Team at Essential Energy Technologies is keen to establish agents around the country, feel free to contact us for more information.



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