AgLight for Dairy

aglightMany international studies have shown that if light in the dairy unit is carefully designed and controlled, the milk yields will increase quite dramatically, 8 to 10 %. The lights should be on and off for particular periods during the 24 hour day.


The Dairy AgLight are designed to be used in applications where specific colour spectrum is required to suppress the production of melatonin. We use a mixture of high performance LEDs to obtain the optimum colour from our Dairy Light. The driver uses the same efficient design criteria that has made our bulb and tube technology so successful.


The light output is between 95and 110 lumens per watt depending on the local voltage level. These special integrated units are available in 2 foot or 4 foot lengths with opaque lens diffusers with ratings of either 36W or 60W respectively.


The units are supplied with a waterproof cable entry at either end for simple and quick installations as well as stainless steel suspension kits. This special version has been developed in conjunction with dairy industry experts to offer a very specific light for use with Dairy Cattle.