The team at Essential Energy Technologies have many years experience with commercial and industrial clients across many locations which include Australia (nationwide), New Zealand, South East Asia , UK, Europe and the United States.

We are not all things to all people. We are specialists, and we work in areas where we can make an immediate impact with the best quality and specially designed products. Our clients include big-box retail, supermarkets, petrol stations and carwashes, food processing and manufacturing sites.


client 1Our LED Lighting solutions are customised to our clients’ requirements and needs to reduce operating expenses and minimise capital expenditure.
client 2Car parks operate for long hours and the lights must be kept on at all times, LED lighting can significantly reduce the operating costs.


Client 3Warehousing can take advantage of fast switching sensor controlled LED lighting, reducing costs normally associated with high-bay halogen lighting which cannot be easily switched on and off.
Client 4Bespoke LED Lighting solutions increase light levels, reduce ongoing power and maintenance costs, address building codes, OH&S requirements, and most importantly increase SALES!