If your business has one or all of these conditions, then you are literally burning money everyday which could otherwise go towards your bottom-line:

1. High light level

The requirement for high light levels relates not just to aesthetics but also it is linked to productivity and Occupational Health and Safety requirements. A high light level unfortunately translates to a higher kilowatt power requirement, simply using more power at any given time.


2. Long operating hours

Long operating hours or 24/7 situations such as in warehousing and supermarkets provide little choice to reduce costs unless the power usage is reduced through LED lighting. The key is maintaining the correct LUX levels and allow for sensor switching when not in use.


3. High power price

A high power price is often made worse if the premises require refrigeration. The bonus in using LED lighting to cut down energy usage also reduces the heating loads and reduces motor usage consumption in air-conditioning and refrigeration units as well.

Just having one of the top three conditions, you can begin to save money. Having two or more it then becomes imperative that you find ways to reduce any impact to profitability, and having all three conditions, you are simply bleeding the business. It then becomes a duty by the CFO or CEO to address these issues and provide duty of care and responsibility  to shareholders of any business.

Bottom line is that if you operate in these conditions without LED lighting, you are giving away part of your bottom-line.

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